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Curtain Wall Systems

Discover aluminum facade cladding systems produced with superior and meticulous engineering quality.

New Generation Curtain Wall Systems

Structural Slikon Facade systems are facade cladding systems that emphasize the simplicity and nobility of glass. When viewed from the outside, no aluminum profile is seen in the structural silicone facade system and a completely glass appearance is created. In this facade system, heat glasses are attached to the facade with cassette profiles. The glasses glued to these profiles in a special way give the facades a very elegant appearance.

Thermal insulation

It is a smart design aluminum curtain wall system that meets the demands of the new generation of Contemporary building construction and architecture. it can be used multifunctionally in combination with other facade products and offers a complete facade solution to meet your needs and requirements.

New Generation Architectural Design

The Nuremek Facade system offers a high degree of flexibility, unlimited design freedom, while at the same time allowing maximum transparency and attractive design options for facades and skylights. Nuremek has also made optimization for production and technical support for application processes part of its service.

Energy Efficiency

The Nuremek facade system meets all the requirements of contemporary architecture with regard to energy performance, Nuremek systems have guaranteed their quality with their airtightness, water tightness, wind load and Uw performances.


Aluminium curtain wall systems are non-structural cladding systems that use lightweight aluminium frames to support glass or other panels on the exterior of a building.

Aluminium curtain wall systems offer several benefits, including increased natural light, energy efficiency, and improved building aesthetics. They also provide superior weather resistance, reduce sound transmission, and are easy to maintain.

Aluminium curtain wall systems can incorporate thermal breaks and high-performance glazing to improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and solar heat gain.

Yes, aluminium curtain wall systems can be installed on various building types, including commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.

Aluminium curtain wall systems are typically installed by attaching the frame to the building structure, followed by the installation of glass or other panels. The installation process can vary depending on the specific system and building requirements.

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