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Aluminium Facade Systems

Discover aluminum facade cladding systems produced with superior and meticulous engineering quality.

Varied curtain wall solutions with versatile integrating elements

Nuremek curtain wall systems stand out for their great flexibility in terms of thermal insulation, fire protection and variety of design options. Individual customer requirements and special design requirements can be met, as well as a wide range of different technical requirements.

Thermal insulation

The modular system platform and the unique insulator technology make it easy to adapt the thermal insulation to the individual building project. In addition, foam-filled insulator profiles and a continuous seal offer fabrication advantages during installation and transport.

Fire protection

Just a few additional profiles are required to create the fire protection curtain. Nuremek fire protection door systems can be flexibly integrated into fire protection curtain walls.

Universal punch

Rafter and mullion profiles can be machined extremely easily and efficiently with the universal punch. It has 13 different functions, so that almost the entire profile machining can be done with just one tool and by one person.

Efficient manufacture

The seal insertion device provides for some prefabrication that can be done in the workshop. That means that the seals do not have to be installed on the building site, which, in turn, reduces manufacturing times.

Sun protection

The outside sun protection system can be flexibly integrated into curtain wall systems, either as fully or partly integrated, or surface-mounted variant. If required, a surface-mounted sun protection system can be installed as a retrofit.


Aluminium curtain wall systems are non-structural cladding systems that use lightweight aluminium frames to support glass or other panels on the exterior of a building.

Aluminium curtain wall systems offer several benefits, including increased natural light, energy efficiency, and improved building aesthetics. They also provide superior weather resistance, reduce sound transmission, and are easy to maintain.

Aluminium curtain wall systems can incorporate thermal breaks and high-performance glazing to improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and solar heat gain.

Yes, aluminium curtain wall systems can be installed on various building types, including commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.

Aluminium curtain wall systems are typically installed by attaching the frame to the building structure, followed by the installation of glass or other panels. The installation process can vary depending on the specific system and building requirements.

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