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Aluminium Sliding Systems

Turn your patio roof into a weather-independent summer garden with the flexible, frameless sliding glass wall Nuremek

Glass Wall & Sliding Systems

Sliding glass walls offer both optimal protection against the weather and highest flexibility, enabling you to use your patio year-round and regardless of the weather – while at the same time providing a panoramic view of your garden. Thanks to the flexible sliding glass elements, you can open or close all or part of your patio roof – turning your patio roof into a summer conservatory in next to no time. With the frameless elements of a sliding glass wall by Nuremek, you do not only extend your living space, you also opt for excellent quality “Made in Turkey“.

Weather protection

Integrating a sliding glass wall into a patio roof or summer conservatory provides for an ideal protection against the weather and enables you to use your patio year-round. The all-glass sliding wall system protects against wind and driving rain. Thanks to the sliding elements of the glass wall, you can stay flexible and either open or close all or part of your patio roof.

Heat storage

Enjoy the warmth of the day after the sunset. With the glass elements of a sliding wall closed, you can turn your patio roof into a summer conservatory in next to no time, keeping the warmth of the day inside until the late evening.

Insect protection

Would you like to have a piece of cake in piece and quiet or end the evening on a cosy note on your patio? During the summer months, midges and wasps are uninvited guests on your patio. When you close the elements of a sliding glass wall, you are optimally protected against insects.


Flexible alternative to a conservatory

With a sliding glass wall, your patio roof turns into a garden room in next to no time. The combination of patio roof and sliding glass wall creates a summer conservatory, also referred to as cold or uninsulated conservatory, enabling you to enjoy your garden year-round.


A sliding glass wall is a large, movable glass panel system that can be used to enclose a space while still allowing natural light to flow in. The panels slide on tracks and can be stacked to one or both sides, allowing for a wide-open space or a partial opening.

Sliding glass walls offer many benefits, including improved natural light, flexible use of space, easy operation, and enhanced views. They also provide a modern and sleek design element to any space, and can help to increase the value of a property.

There are several types of sliding glass walls available, including single-track, multi-track, and stacking systems. Single-track systems have one track for the sliding panels, while multi-track systems have multiple tracks for larger panels. Stacking systems allow the panels to stack on one or both sides of the opening.

Sliding glass walls can be installed in a variety of building types, including homes, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and hotels. They are particularly useful in spaces where a flexible layout is needed, such as in conference rooms, event spaces, and open-plan offices.

Sliding glass walls require regular cleaning to keep the glass panels and tracks free of dirt and debris. The tracks should be lubricated periodically to ensure smooth operation. It is also important to inspect the panels for any damage or wear and tear, and to repair or replace any damaged components as needed.

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